Sweater Storage Tips

Since 1983, 525 America has been designing timeless classics with a modern twist but one thing that never changes: knits need a little bit of extra care to keep their shape and style. Every day someone asks us how to keep their new favorite fresh forever. We’ve compiled the advice we’ve learned over the years below.

Tip 1: No Hanging Around
No wire hangers ever. Or plastic or any hangers. Knits are delicate and no matter how fancy the hanger, will stretch when hung. This ruins the great shape and silhouette you love. Instead fold them and store in drawers or on shelves when in rotation. Other store per our guidelines below.

Tip 2: Know When To Fold Them
The best way to reduce wrinkles and keep a sweater looking as new as the day you got it is to fold it. Follow these 4 easy steps to fold like a pro:

Step 1
Lay the sweater face down, then fold each arm straight across.

Step 2
Fold over one side to the middle.

Step 3
Fold the other side over, so that sleeves edges meet in the center.

Step 4
Fold in half so the hem meets the neck. Flip over and voila!

Tip 3: Make Room
Looking to store some of our knitted styles? Easy! Simply clean your sweaters (Curious on how to clean each item? Check out our tips here) and fold according to our guidelines above. Then store in garment bags or boxes made of natural fibers such as cotton, muslin or canvas. Plastic or vacuum-sealed options are not recommended as they can trap in moisture, mildew or smells.